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This blended 96 hour camp (total 18 days program with 12 days face to face and six days of pre-camp online segment) with two weekend breaks will target 75 middle and high school students and will be based on five C’s to help students in developing proficiency in three modes of communication

The theme for this year’s STARTALK camp is “Incredible Eco-Friendly India through the Incredible Indian Tribes and their eco-friendly lifestyle.” A group of American students are visiting India. They will be visiting Assam, Rajasthan and Chattisgardh. During their virtual visit students will be introduced to the geography of the region. They will learn about the eco-friendly lifestyle of the native tribes of the region as reflected in their occupation and their festivals (products, crafts, festivals). They will prepare posters promoting eco-friendly products, crafts and festivals, by highlighting the eco-friendly lifestyle. Students will participate in a variety of art/craft projects, related to the tribal arts. They will be introduced to the STEM involved in the making of the tribal artefacts, such as the famous bell metal craft of Bastar, Chattisgardh. During club activities, students will be exposed to environmental science via projects related to energy saving, eco-friendly devices, such as wind-mills, solar energy units, rain water harvesting etc. Students will also prepare some Indian snacks and be able to tell the recipe for the snacks in simple steps. The camp theme will be partially recycled through the sub-themes of travel, geography of the regions and eco-friendly products and practices, with some variation to interest returning students.