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Balvihar has been privileged to have had several wonderful volunteers over the years. We would not be as successful as we are today were it not for the selfless commitment and dedication of our volunteers. Each volunteer who has devoted his or her time and energy to Balvihar has done so without asking for anything in return. Their energy drives Balvihar. Despite having numerous responsibilities at home, they have successfully performed their magnificent and voluntary task with grace and without complaint. Their efforts are no less than heroic.

Teachers Bal Vihar Hindi Course Level
Ms. Dhruti Nagar Hindi 101
Ms. Anju Gupta Hindi 101A
Ms. Ranjeeta Mohan Hindi 102
Ms. Shruti Singh
Hindi 103
Ms. Seema Laddha
Hindi 201
Ms. Shobha Shivaram
Hindi 202
Mr. Sonika Chand
Hindi 203
Ms. Tina Sharma Hindi 301
Ms. Neetu Sharma
Hindi 302



Administrator and Coordinator
Ms. Neetu Sharma,, (404)314-3182

Technical Support and Copy crew
Mr. Gautam Joshi & Mr. Gopender Sharma

Manasi Gonarker

Substitute Teacher
Satish Dharmarajan

Dean Academic Affairs
Ms. Manju Tiwari

Adviser & Administrative Support
Mr. Sudershan Khurana

Ms. Seema Laddha

Books & Publications
Mr. Shyam Tiwari