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The school year is divided into two semesters. The average of the final grade from each semester will determine advancement to the next grade level. The breakdown of the grade for each semester is as follows:

It is essential that each student gets at least 70% of the points allocated for both the quiz and test to be considered as successfully passing a grade. A composite score of 70% will not be considered as adequate. Our goal is to help students improve both their oral and written skills.

Attendance policy:
In a semester each class the student misses will result in a deduction of 1% point. If a student misses 3 or more classes in a semester the student will get no points in attendance.

Class work and Conduct:
These will be graded based on the teacher’s experience with the child. Some criteria are — the child’s participation in class room activities, listening and following directions and behavior. Any disruptions in class or misbehavior will be reported to parents by the teacher. Each warning communicated to the parent will result in a deduction of 1% point.

Students must memorize the prayers and bhajans (hymns) and will be assessed in class for these points.

Must be completed and brought to class on time. Any home work not completed and submitted will result in a deduction of 1% each time.