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Balvihar Hindi School is an educational language program of VHPA committed to educating, cherishing and celebrating Hindi language and Hindu cultural heritage. Balvihar operates on an educational, social, cultural and spiritual basis and is open to all.

Balvihar was started in 1990 by VHP of America as one of the educational initiatives to teach Hindi and Hindu culture. Since then it has grown tremendously in several ways. What began as a small seven-child event has evolved into a small 200+ student institution.

We have held community service projects to help the community, celebrated numerous cultural and religious holidays, and visited places of immense importance such as the King Center to celebrate Gandhi’s birthday. We have learned about the different regions of India, held beautiful cultural programs, welcomed inspiring people, and been on television. We have been recognized by several communities and honored by corporations. Balvihar has received federal grants through the STARTALK program to conduct Hindi language immersion camps from 2010-2016.