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Balvihar Hindi School (VHPA)
अतुल्य भारत हरित भारत

Theme : Atulya Bhaarat –Harit Bhaarat

A group of students have been invited to participate in the International Earth Day Celebration where they have to showcase the Eco-friendly products, traditions and innovations of India. They have to run an information kiosk on “Incredible Eco- Friendly India” with posters, flyers and booklets about the variety of products made from natural resources in different states of India, the Eco-friendly traditions of India and the recent technological innovations that help the environment and improve the quality of life of the masses. For this purpose a team of students will plan to visit 4 different regions of India and learn about the unique products and practices of each region. They will explore the map of India and locate the regions they will visit. They will also identify the eco-friendly products and traditions of the regions, about which they wish to learn.

During their visit to each region, they will meet the local artists, artisans and entrepreneurs to gather information on how these products are made, what they are made of and how they are beneficial to society and environment

Orissa: Students visited Orissa and learnt about the Rath Yatraa Festival of Jaggannath Puri. They explored the eco- friendly aspects of the festival such as the food being cooked in earthen pots in what is known as the largest kitchen in the world and served in earthen bowls, pattal and dron ( leaves and bowls made from leaves). They also learnt how pattal and dron are made, using specially designed machines. The next day they visited two villages, Raghurajpur and Pipili, famous for the traditional PaTTa Chitra and Pipili work. Both art forms use eco-friendly colors made from rocks, shells and plants. As hands on learning activities, the students made patt-chitra, pipili art and pattal/dron using real leaves.

Uttar Pradesh: Students visited the Kumbh Melaa and learnt about the various eco-friendly initiatives put in place to control the pollution caused by such a massive gathering of people. The students came up with suggestions to improve the arrangements made in the Kumbh. Next, students were given information about the eco-friendly “Suraahii” and “MaTkaa”, earthen pots traditionally used in India to cool drinking water. They visited Khurja village famous for its pottery industry. Their next stop was the glass bangle industry of Firozabad where they were told about the process of making glass bangles and the problems faced by the workers in the bangle factories. Students also learnt about other materials such as metals, laakh & wood traditionally used to make bangles and the significance of bangles in Indian society.

Rajasthaan: Students visited Rajasthaan and experienced the Teej festival, celebrating the onset of monsoon in the desert region. Students were given information on the traditional herbal art of MehNdi and the health benefits of using mehNdi. They debated about using mehNdi vs. modern day tattooing. Students learnt about another plant based product, the block printing using vegetable dyes, a famous tradition of Rajasthaan. Students took the Camel Carriage, the age old means of transport in Rajasthan to a village where they discovered that the locals had overcome the water shortage problem by replacing diesel water pumps with solar powered pumps. Students made a skit promoting the solar technology, using puppets for their narrative.

Kerala: Kerala was the last stop of this journey. Students were introduced to the traditional welcome ceremony of Kerala. In Kerala students learnt about the eco-friendly House boats and compared different modes of transportation. They travelled to Munnar where a variety of spices are cultivated. They learnt about medical tourism in Kerala, compared traditional and modern medical practices and were given information about the medicinal uses of turmeric. Students made a herbal face pack using turmeric, sandalwood powder etc. and created an eco-friendly package for their product with ingredients and directions for us.